Kids & Art - Cancer sucks art heals

A video to capture how Kids and parents find painting a healthy escape from their stress of having to deal with cancer.

UPDATE:  I was lucky enough to get an opportunity to volunteer again at another Kids & Art workshop - this time at Pixar!  The mood of the location and the participants was quite differnt from the last time.  So I tried to capture it with this video which is less sentimental and more playful compared to the last video.  It's all about kids just being kids.
Special thanks to all the parents, volunteers and kids who shared their thoughts about the event for all of us to hear.  It was very inspiring to me to see how meaningful this type of activity could be for both who's lives are touched by cancer in some way or those who want to help by simplying doing what they love - art.
Also, I think it's not a coincidence that I subconciously ended up making the color treatment of the video somwhat reminicent of a Pixar animated movie.  There sure is a magical and creative vibe that spurs out your inner child in there!
Here's the new video:
(Original post about other workshop)
Recently I had the opportunity to volunteer at an event organized by an amazing organization called Kids and Art.  They help families affected by cancer escape the stress with the therapeutic power of art and creativity.  During the workshop I captured some footage and some powerful sound bites from participants and featured artist Brendan Murphy.
I put together a video quickly to try to capture the essence of that day.  The video was also used as part of an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds to support the workshops.
Here are some screenshots (see video at the end).
Here's the video:
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